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There is no secret method or cheat code for growing your audience or increasing story views. Genuine audience growth and readership happens organically over time. When we are building an audience from scratch — zero followers and zero story views — it requires developing an authentic relationship with potential readers and the broader community of writers.

Developing an audience from the ground up is hard and involves a lot of digging to understand your readers and engagement with the community of writers on the platform. …


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Connecting with your audience after you publish a story is as important as the story itself.

It’s all about relationships. The connection builds trust with your readers. It also helps the right audience engage with your content and gives you more insight into what stories engage your most loyal readers. Taking the time to genuinely listen, respond, and collaborate with your audience increases engagement and the impact your work has on your community of readers.

Boosting engagement with your readers can help grow your audience. More importantly, it strengthens the relationships with readers. Engagement ensures that your work remains relevant…

While Yugoslavia no longer exists, you can still get a taste of Serbia in New York City.

Kafana is the only restaurant in the city that serves traditional Serbian cuisine and offers customers an authentic Eastern European experience in the East Village.

Restaurant owner Vladimir Ocokoljic opened the restaurant in 2008 and says it was the first Serbian restaurant in New York. His background was in architecture and his experience was limited to designing bars and restaurants, rather than running them. …

Jabari Brisport recalls accompanying his mother to the polls to vote at Teunis G. Bergen Elementary School (PS9) in Prospect Heights, down the street from his childhood playground. His family has lived in the neighborhood for decades, and now he’s running for City Council to represent the district he calls home.

Campaigning for a seat as a first-time candidate does not come without challenges. In a historically Democratic district, Brisport stands out as a Green Party candidate running against incumbent Laurie Cumbo who beat challenger, Ede Fox, in the primaries on Tuesday.

But, Brisport is confident they’ll have a chance…

In a neighborhood undergoing rapid change, the redevelopment of the Bedford Union Armory is a major point of contention between developers, the city, and longtime residents who disagree on how space should be used.

The proposed plan in Crown Heights called for revitalizing the vacant landmark to include over 300 apartments, affordable housing, condos, and a sports complex. After pushback from City Council member Laurie Cumbo, the developers, BFC Partners, and the city agreed to remove the condos from the plan and increase affordable housing.

Despite these changes, local community organizers maintain that the deal is a danger to the…

41 percent of middle schools students are not getting sex education in school, experts say it’s more than just sex ed

A visibly upset teenager approached Anthony Horne after his sexual health class at a high school in the Bronx. She told him she had recently contracted an STD, something that had come as a surprise to the young student.

“She didn’t think it could happen to her,” said Horne, who serves as the Health Educator Supervisor at BronxWorks, an organization that helps individuals and families improve their economic and social well-being.

Despite her concern, the young girl expressed how happy she was to be able to come to the intervention class and talk to Horne about where she can get…

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